Ric '06

Back in 2000, I decided that I needed a Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar, Jetglo black. I've always admired them from afar (Geddy, Chris, Lemmy, Phil, and Paul all played Rics) for as long as I've been playing, but being a $1700 dollar bass, I never dreamed I'd actually own one. I scrimped and saved for over a year (which for me is a feat of considerable magnitude) and got myself a brand new 2001 Ric. I played it and loved it for 4 years, up until the house fire that took it away from me. The insurance company tried in vain to replace it, but being that Rickenbacker is always backordered at the plant (earliest ship on new orders was July 2008) and no local or national dealers had any in stock, they told me to find one on my own (which they'd pay for in full) or just accept a depreciated payout for it. I was dismayed.

Enter eBay and a seller named jelyfinger, and I got my replacement Ric - now a 2006 model - and all is well again.

Man, I'm glad we have great insurance!