So, we camp a lot. One of the downsides to living in Arizona is that a LOT of people camp a lot, and it's often difficult to find a campground that isn't booked solid weeks in advance. Coupled with the frequent fire restrictions (it's desert, ya know), spontaneous camping can become downright difficult... if not impossible.

Last year, we decided enough was enough. What we needed was our OWN campground: one where we go could go anytime we want, without fear of overzealous fire marshals or drunken annoying neighbors. It had to be close enough to Phoenix so that we'd actually go, and remote enough to where we could truly disconnect by going out there. We started looking for 10-40 acre parcels in Yavapai and Coconino counties.

A few months and a few trips to check out properties later, we came across FreidkinBurg - 20 acres in the Juniper Woods subdivision, about 10 miles from Ash Fork, Arizona. The first 2 hours of the trip are all freeways from Phoenix, and the last 5 miles are unpaved (and sometimes rutted) hardscrabble dirt roads. After the first time you go there, you can find your way easily, but it's also so remote that nobody's going to stumble across it by accident. It's deep in the heart of nowhere, in other words, perfect.

It's totally off the grid, no power or water. We're planning on putting up a couple of permenant structures, like a storage shed and a dining pavillion, and there's a good possibility we'll nab a freebie trailer and haul it up there as well, giving us hardwalled shelter and rudimentary toilet facilities if need be. Rick is toying with the idea of building his retirement castle out there as well.