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July 21, 2006
UPDATE: Everything done, all moved in, major items replaced, life resumes!

May 21, 2006
UPDATE: Trim paint done! Fireplace hearth done! Hardwood all installed! Bathroom floors done!

Sam's room has a blue sky thing going on

Meghan's room has a jungle theme

The theatre in maroon and tan

May 14, 2006
UPDATE: Most paint done! Floors being installed! Shower built!

April 30, 2006
UPDATE: Doors installed! Cabinets installed! All walls and ceiling up and textured!

April 15, 2006
UPDATE: New ceiling insulation! Windows installed! Cabinets going up soon! Hearth finally removed! New paint across the street!

Our neighbors across the street, perhaps in response to
the renovations at our house, painted from orange to green.

April 9, 2006
UPDATE: New wiring harness! New gas lines! New fridge comin'!

April 2, 2006
UPDATE: New pocket door! More wiring! New windows! Some installed! Tub installed too!

March 26, 2006
UPDATE: New ductwork! New recessed lights! New wiring! New tub in the study!

March 19, 2006
UPDATE: 3 coats of KILLZ treats and seals the wood. The house doesn't reek of smoke anymore.

March 5, 2006
UPDATE: New wood where needed, demo almost complete

This glass door is coming out and being replaced with a pocket door

February 8, 2006
UPDATE: Demolition has started, the interior of the house is now stripped down to the frame - floors, walls, and ceiling have all come down.

December 28, 2005

Meghan's window, view from front yard

Pretty much everything Meghan owned, in the front yard

Meghan sifting through the rubble, this is the bed where it started

Meghan's videotape collection

The stockings in the living room kinda survived, but not the contents

The ceiling fan in the living room got kinda melted

Hallway damage, as seen from the master bedroom doorway

The doorway into Meghan's room from the hall

The ceiling in Meghan's room

The walls in Meghan's room

Samantha looking for recognizable stuff in her room, next door to Meghan's

Another view of the carnage at the kids' end of the hall

A view of the hallways from the study

A view of the study from the hall

The living room escaped the flames, but not the heat or the smoke

Thanks to my dad for taking these pics - my camera got meltorated during the fire.